NABCI releases 2014 Farm Bill Field Guide

The 2014 Farm Bill Field Guide to Fish and Wildlife Conservation was prepared as an introduction for fish and wildlife conservation providers the on-the-ground biologists and conservation partners who help deliver Farm Bill conservation programs to landowners. The goal is to give them a tool to better understand the Farm Bill and how its programs can help landowners conserve fish and wildlife habitat.

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Welcome to the official Web site of the United States NABCI Committee.

The United States is home to a tremendous diversity of native birds, with more than 800 species inhabiting terrestrial, coastal, and ocean habitats. More than 30 percent of these species are federally listed as endangered, threatened, or of conservation concern. Their greatest threat is habitat loss on breeding areas, overwintering grounds, and migration sites throughout North America and beyond. 

One in every three Americans is a bird watcher and wildlife watching generates billions to the economy annually. Birds are indicators of the health of our environment, which we all depend on for clean air and water, plentiful wildlife, and productive soils.

The U.S. North American Bird Conservation Initiative (NABCI) Committee is a forum of government agencies, private organizations, and bird initiatives helping partners across the continent meet their common bird conservation objectives. The Committee is working to secure a bright future for North America's more than 1,150 species of birds, in conjunction with NABCI partners in Mexico and Canada

The Committee's strategy is to foster coordination and collaboration on key issues of concern, including bird monitoring, conservation design, private lands, international collaboration, and state and federal agency support for integrated bird conservation.

The Tri-national NABCI Committee is the venue through which the three national NABCI committees work together to increase cooperation and effectiveness of bird conservation efforts among the three countries.

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