Bird Conservation Region 24

Central Hardwoods

Description: The Ozark Mountains on the west and Interior Low Plateaus on the east are geologically similar to each other but are bisected by the floodplain of the Mississippi River and its larger tributaries. The entire area is dominated by an oak-hickory deciduous forest inhabited by interior forest species, such as Cerulean Warbler, Worm-eating Warbler, and Louisiana Waterthrush. The region includes some of the most extensive forests in the middle of the continent and is probably a source for populations of these birds for many surrounding areas. Among early succession birds, this is the last major stronghold of the Eastern Bewick’s Wren. Restoration of prairie, glade, and barren habitat is a conservation priority. Although Wood Ducks are the primary breeding waterfowl, the region holds more significance for waterfowl as a migratory staging area. The floodplains of the river systems exhibit a diversity of habitats (e.g., floodplain forests, emergent wetlands, and submerged aquatic beds), all of which are utilized by migrating waterfowl. Large concentrations of waterfowl, including Mallard, Lesser Scaup, and Canvasback, are common during both spring and fall migration. Threats to the habitats of the region include agricultural conversion of floodplain habitats and urbanization.

Bird Conservation Plans
Landbirds - Interior Low Plateaus, Ozarks/Ouachitas
Shorebirds - Upper Mississippi Valley/Great Lakes
Waterbirds - Upper Mississippi Valley/Great Lakes
Waterfowl - Upper Mississippi River/Great Lakes Region
All Birds - Central Hardwoods Joint Venture Strategic Plan

Joint Venture area: Central Hardwoods

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